Mystery Makan: EatPlayLove Cafe

Thursday, September 05, 2013

Last week was Esther's turn for Mystery Makan! 
A couple years back nadnut came up with this idea that we will rotate and bring each other to new makan places and will only reveal where the locations are when we meet, so we will never know what we're having for that meal thus the Mystery in Makaning.

Head here to see some of our previous mystery makans: 

Muahahah sometimes I get to know where is it a wee bit earlier than the rest cos sometimes we will meet elsewhere and i will drive us there if it's more ulu!

This is one cafe that is kid-friendly, yet also a great cafe to dine & hangout with boyfriend/girlfriends/friends and have crafty after dinner entertainment right in the cafe! 
[you don't even have to be very crafty at all! Just have fun!]

You can go nuts and DIY your own hand puppet..

Make a doll that looks like you? 
Hahah coincidentally the doll nadnut was holding was wearing rainbow colored dress too! 

Esther would have to draw her doll with bangs since she's forever having bangs with blondie hair. heh

...or make one of these adorable sock monkey!

I'd love to try my hand at making one of these on our next time here! :D

Old school tidbits that 90's babies like me would definitely approve of!

Finally! Can't wait to try the Tiramisu after seeing the famous meow at the entrance of the cafe from The Tiramisu Hero by Peggy!

I've never heard of Green Spot orange juice but nadnut said its v retro and we use to have this in Singapore everywhere but no longer now so i had to try! And they have those glass bottles fizzy drinks that you always see in bangkok. I miss bangkooooooook. Hahaha i miss Mode Sathorn hotel most of all! :/

EatPlayLove Cafe serves Thai-Western cuisine and I had the Mango Salsa Fish [S$10.50]

The grilled fish was juicy and tender with the combination of the mango salsa & chips, so delicious!
nadnut had the same but she changed her chips to mooooooore salad heh so healthy!

Esther had the Basil Chicken with Rice [S$8.00]

Jacelyn was still full from her pok pok keh lunch lol KFC so she skipped the mains and went ahead to dessert with the Mango Sticky Delight [S$7.50]

Since we're here we had to try the tiramisu from The Tiramisu Hero!

They are non-alcoholic so it was quite different from your regular tiramisu.

After food you can try your hand on the crafts mentioned above [sock monkey, hand puppet] or like us try making your own jewellery with Shrink Plastic! 

-well not really like us.. haha i was cramping like crazy so i wasn't in the mood to be all crafty and fun so i just stared at nadnut, Jacelyn & Esther and poke fun at them hahaha. nadnut was so ready to kill me.

You can make pendants, earrings, charm bracelets, hair pins, phone accessories the possibilities are endless! No worries if you're not confident in drawing freehand- there are templates and instruction books at the corner that you can borrow to help inspire you and guide you along with your designs!

We had a blast and I remembered the kind of nonsense I use to make with shrink plastic when I was in primary school. Old school fun!

 Jacelyn & nadnut's masterpiece! Soooo nice! Hahah didn't get to take photos of Esther's cos we stayed in the cafe till at least 20 min over their closing time hahah cannot bear to leave cos we were having so much fun.



It was a super fun night out for us girls, made a bunch of these and they had more shrink plastic to spare to come back another day to continue our craft session. (:

Thanks Esther for bringing us out for this super fun mystery makan! Waiting for our next MM~

Good night! 

EatPlayLove Cafe
28 Aliwal Street #01-07
Singapore 199918

How to get there:
Nearby Stations: Bugis or Lavender MRT

Bus Lines: 107, 107M, 961, 961C, 980 

+65 6444 6400

♡ Loves, TheLuckiestChick.

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